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    • Strangers to citizens : the Irish in Europe, 1600-1800 / Mary Ann Lyons and Thomas O'Connor

Printed Material
ITMA Reference:
    • 26626-BK
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    • Library. Ireland: Iconography / Lyons
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Publication Date:
  • 2008
    • 9780907328643
    • 1st
    • The National Library of Ireland 2008
    • Lyons, Mary Ann
    • O'Connor, Thomas
      Foreword / Aongus Ó hAonghusa [article]
      Preface / Mary Ann Lyons and Thomas O'Connor [article]
      Strangers to citizens : the Irish in Europe, 1600-1800 [article]
      Canny mercenaries in Ancien Régime Europe [article]
      Irish student communities abroad [article]
      Trading places : Irish merchant communities in Europe [article]
      Irish professionals and European reform [article]
      Pedigrees : social status and integration [article]
      Conclusion : new horizons [article]
      Further reading [article]
    • Irish procession at Stuttgart (1617) [print] / by Georg Rudolph Weckherlin
    • After the battle at Fontenoy (1889) [engraving] / by J.D. Reigh
    • Bataille de Fontenoy, 11 Mai 1745 [painting] / by Horace Vernet
    • Entrance to Irish College, Paris [harp and crown of Ireland] [photograph]
    • William Archdeacon (1685-1759) [playing the harp], his wife, Eleanora Francoise Scharre (d. 1766) and their children [painting]
Physical Description:
    • viii, 157 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. (pbk.)
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