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    • Old Irish croonauns and other tunes / re-collected and collected by Miss Honoria Galwey

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    • 2281-BK
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Instrumental music / Box (1)
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  • [1910]
    • Galwey, Honoria, Derry
      Jigs, reels and dances
      Cork tune, air
      Cutty's wedding, reel
      Cordon Bleu, West Indian air
      Cavalry canter, jig
      Dark haired girl, reel / lilted by Mary Cooke, Moville, Co. Donegal
      Fairy dance, reel
      Guaracha, air
      Hay makers, jig
      Hudy Macan's Galoppe, jig / Hudy Macan, fiddler
      Lots of kisses, jig
      Morgan rattler, jig
      The Munster lasses, jig
      Pigeon on the gate, reel / learned from blind fiddler Paddy the Slithers, Moville 1849
      Sandy o'er the lea, reel
      Shawl dance, air
      Untitled, quadrille
      Untitled, strathspey
      Shan Mac a Vicar, reel / learnt from Mary Cooke's lilting
      Rokeby, jig
      Lady Shaftesbury's strathspey, air / Natt Gow
      Morgiana, air
      Soldiers' songs
      Life of a soldier, air
      Odd's bobs, my lads, air
      Darby Kelly, air
      The sentry box, air
      The gallant hussar, air
      Sailors' songs
      The dark eyed sailor, air / learnt from a sailor's daughter in Innishowen, 1846
      The sailor's farewell, air
      The jolly roving tar, air / learnt from country girls at Moville
      Old country songs and ballads
      Biddy Maguire of Ballinaclash, air / learnt from Mr. R.
      The blackbird, air
      The blackbird and thrush, air / learnt from servant in Derry
      Bonaghee, air / from Innishowen, Co. Donegal
      The deserter, air
      Easter snow, air / learnt from a Donegal fiddler
      Granuaile's daughter, air / from county Derry 1860
      The highwayman, air / learnt words and tune in Co. Donegal
      Hey ho, the morning dew, air
      I'm a stranger in this country, air / learnt in Innishowen
      Oh many's a time, air
      I have a spirit above my degree, air
      Kerry cow, air / from Jamie Cook
      Little wee Willie, air
      Little Sir Hugh, air / learnt from a servant
      Old Langolee, air
      Nell Flaherty's drake, air
      Now I'm of age, air
      Over here, air
      Pat Murphy the piper, air
      Poor little sweep, air / learnt from a servant
      Reilly, air
      Sweet Innishowen, air
      Tarry higho the grinder, air
      The tidy one, air / sung by a country woman in Innishowen
      The well in the garden, air / learnt from Paddy the Slithers 1849
      The young doctor, air
      If young maids, air
      The tin ware lass, air / Ramelton, Co. Donegal in 1846
      The pratie apples, air
      Humours of Bartholemew fair O [song: music and words]
      Untitled, air / sung by a country girl in Innishowen
      The fox [song: music and words]
      Froggy's wooing [song: music and words]
      Temon o Nock, air
      Past one o'clock, air
      Slaunt Ri Plulib, air =
      Health to King Philip, air
      Curri Koun Dilich, air =
      Dear brown rock, air
      Hugar mu fean, air =
      I whispered, air
      Slumber song, air
      A whistle, air
      Rocking the cradle, air / from the playing of Tom Gordon, Irish piper
      Odd's bobs [song: words only]
      The gallant hussar [song: words only]
      The dark eyed sailor [song: words only]
      The sailor's farewell [song: words only]
      The jolly roving tar [song: words only]
      Biddy Maguire of Ballinaclash [song: words only]
      The blackbird and the thrush, The [song: words only]
      Granuaile's daughter [song: words only]
      The highwayman [song: words only]
      I'm a stranger [song: words only]
      Little wee Willie [song: words only]
      Old Langolee [song: words only]
      Nell Flaherty's drake [song: words only]
      The poor little sweep [song: words only]
      Sweet Innishowen [song: words only]
      Tarry higho the grinder [song: words only]
      The tidy one [song: words only]
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    • [vi], 36 p. : music in staff notation ; 29 cm. (pbk.)
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