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Serial Issue
ITMA Reference:
    • 13722-SR
Material Type:
Archive Location:
    • Library. Serials
Publisher Location:
Publication Date:
  • 1981
    • [Shields, Hugh, ed.]
      Saer, W. Roy: Welsh Folk Music, advertisement
      Carolan, Nicholas: Retrospect [introduction by Hugh Shields], article
      Carolan, Nicholas: Report on Sean Donnelly, `The Irish Warpipes', article
      Carolan, Nicholas: Report on Festival of Traditional Singing, article
      Carolan, Nicholas: Report on Songs from Irish Islands, article=
      [O Conluain, Proinsias: Cape Clear Island, Co Cork]
      [Munnelly, Tom: Clare island, Co Mayo]
      [Hamilton, Noel: Tory Island, Co Donegal]
      [Shields, Lisa:] Hedderman, B. N. [Glimpses of My Life in Aran, Some Experiences of a District Nurse, Bristol 1917]: Gramaphone, The, article
      O hUrmoltaigh, Nollaig: Maire Bhruinneall [song: music and words]
      Marshall, J. D.: 'Notes on the Statistics and Natural History of the Island of Rathlin' in Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy XVII (1837), article
      Carolan, Nicholas: Report on Annual General Meeting, article
      Carolan, Nicholas: Report on Songs from Tom Lenihan, article
      [Shields, Hugh:] Dewy Dens of Yarrow, The [song: music and words]
      [Shields, Hugh, and Nicholas Carolan:] Baill ag Saothru: Recent Publications by Members, article
      [Shields, Hugh:] Ceol vol. V, no 1, article
      [Shields, Hugh:] Religious Folk Song, a Seminar, advertisement
      [Shields, Hugh:] I.F.M.C. Conference at Durham, advertisement
      [Shields, Hugh:] Oriental Music at Durham, advertisement
      Feile na Boinne 1981, advertisement
      [Shields, Hugh:] Folk Music on Cassette: 2, article
      [Shields, Hugh:] Revival or Survival: a Ten-Year Record, article
Physical Description:
    • Serial ; Irregular ; 20 pp
    • No 20
Serial Date text:
    • 1981
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