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    • Jigs and Reels in Two Volumes containing All Favorite Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Flings, Country Dances, Buck and Wing Dances Etc. Both Old and New. Vol II

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    • 25172-BK
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    • Prints Room. International / A3 Binder (1)
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  • 1908
    • Academic Edition
    • Academic Music Co 1908
      Mc Donald's Reel
      Money Musk, air
      Highland Fling
      Toy Leaf, The, reel
      Honeymoon, The, air
      Hill Side, The, jig
      Old Grow, reel
      Hull's Victory, air
      Old Kent Road, jig
      Haste to the Wedding, air
      High Level, hornpipe
      Old Essence, The, air
      Paddy Carey, jig
      Guilderoy, reel
      Old Zip Coon, air
      Happy Soldier, jig
      Paddy Whack, jig
      Four Hand Reel
      Pig Town Fling, reel
      Full Dress, jig
      Untitled, reel
      Flower of Edinburgh, hornpipe
      Pretty Girl Milkin Her Cow, jig
      Flannel Jacket, reel
      Rickett's Hornpipe
      Fireman's Reel
      Clog Dance
      Rocky Road to Dublin, jig
      Royal Irish, jig
      Double Jig
      Rory O'More, jig
      Esmeralda, air
      Sally in Our Alley, jig
      Shamrock, jig
      Cowboys, reel
      Cup of Tea, reel
      Shule Shule Agrah, reel
      Constitution, hornpipe
      Sir Roger de Coverly, reel
      Come under My Pladdie, jig
      Soldier's Joy, hornpipe
      Come Haste to the Wedding, jig
      Speed the Plough, reel
      Clay Pipe, The, jig
      Straight Jig
      Essence, The, air
      St Patrick's Day, jig
      Cincinnati, hornpipe
      Swallow Tail, jig
      Chorus, reel
      Tempest, The, air
      Champion, jig
      Top of Cork Road, jig
      Vinton, hornpipe
      Buttermilk, jig
      Captain Keeler, reel
      White Cockade, The, air
      Bridge of Lodi, hornpipe
      Belles of Edinboro', fling
      Untitled, jig
      Widow Machree, air
      Whistle and I'll Come to You, jig
    • Picture of fiddler & dancer
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    • (pbk.)
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