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    • A handbook of Irish music / by Richard Henebry

Printed Material
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    • 8562-BK
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Music Studies / Box (1)
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Publication Date:
  • 1928
    • 1st
    • Henebry, Richard
  • Editor's preface [article] / Tadhg Ó Donnchadha
    Introductory : what is music? [article]
    Of the writing of Irish music [article]
    Music and language [article]
    Musical investigation [article]
    Gapped scales [article]
    Features of natural music [article]
    Modern musical science [article]
    Dr Stumpf's theory [article]
    The theory discussed [article]
    The modern scale [article]
    Melody and harmony [article]
    Instrumental music [article]
    Criticism of details [article]
    A comparison [article]
    Stadard key [article]
    Other changes [article]
    Of the coarser analysis of Irish music [article]
    Of modes and gaps [article]
    Material examined and contractions used [article]
    G mode, octave compass or less [article]
    Tunes descending to second below tonic [article]
    Tunes descending to fourth below tonic [article]
    A fifth below tonic [article]
    A sixth below tonic [article]
    An octave below tonic [article]
    G mode : peculiarities [article]
    A-mode tunes [article]
    The D mode [article]
    The E mode [article]
    Os there a C or Fa mode? [article]
    Structural analysis [article]
    Surface records [article]
    Method of display [article]
    Blending of registers [article]
    Breaks and pivots [article]
    The DE registers [article]
    The GA registers [article]
    EA registers [article]
    DEA registers [article]
    DG registers [article]
    DA registers [article]
    Of the finer analysis of Irish music, or tonometric examination [article]
    The phonograph and tonometer [article]
    Method of calculation [article]
    The material examined [article]
    Sources [article]
    Stress registers [article]
    Table of intervals
    Conclusions [article]
    Airs in this volume
    Modal analysis of Petrie, I
    Structural analysis
    General index
Physical Description:
    • [iv], 325 p. : ill., music ; 25 cm. (bound)
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