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    • Jigs and Reels in Two Volumes containing All Favorite Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Flings, Country Dances, Buck and Wing Dances Etc. Both Old and New. Vol 1

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    • 4705-BK
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    • Prints Room. International / A3 Binder (1)
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  • 1908
    • Academic Edition
    • Academic Music Co 1908
  • Arkansas Traveller, reel
    Wha'll be King but Charlie?, jig
    Bonnie Dundee, jig
    Young May Moon, jig
    Campbells are Comin, jig
    Swimming in the Gutter, jig
    Catholic Boys, jig
    Untitled, reel
    Charlie Mack, jig
    Straight Jig
    Untitled, clog
    Untitled, reel
    College Hornpipe =
    Sailor's Hornpipe
    Sicilian Circle, jig
    Untitled, clog
    Saw Ye Johnnie Comin, highland fling
    Come O'er the Stream to Charlie, dance
    Roy's Wife, fling
    Country Dance, rustic reel
    Rosebud, reel
    Cruiskeen, reel
    Real Thing, The, jig
    Creole Blondes, buck or wing dance
    Rastus, stop jig
    Devil's Dream, hornpipe
    Pinafore, straight jig
    Paresis, reel
    Opera, reel
    Endearing Young Charms, jig
    Over the Stone, jig
    Durang's Hornpipe
    Paddy O'Carroll, jig
    Fisher's Hornpipe
    Off She Goes, dance
    Delaware, hornpipe
    Fairy Dance
    Garry Owen, jig
    My Old Dutch, straight jig
    Good for the Tongue, hornpipe
    Miss McLeod's Reel
    Untitled, highland fling
    Miller's Reel
    Untitled, highland fling
    Mary Rose, reel
    Untitled, jig
    Logie O' Buchan, jig
    Irish Washerwoman, jig
    Love Taps, jig
    Joys of Wedlock, jig
    Lancashire Clog, dance
    Low Backed Car, jig
    Lep Up, slip jig
    Larry O'Gaff, jig
    Lamplighter, hornpipe
    Limber Up, reel
    Ladies Triumph, dance
    Kerry Dance, jig
    Kitty of Coleraine, jig
    Liverpool Hornpipe
    Kitty O'Neil, jig
    MacGregor's Hornpipe
    Kerry Girls, The, jig
    • Picture of fiddler & dancer
Physical Description:
    • 32 p. : cover ill., music in staff notation ; 31 cm. (pbk.)
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