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    • A handbook of Irish dances : with an essay on their origin and history / by J.G. O'Keeffe and Art O'Brien

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    • 4678-BK
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    • Text book for classes
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Dance / Box (1)
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  • 1914
    • 2nd
    • O'Keeffe, J.G.
    • O'Brien, Art
  • Essay on the Origin and History of Irish Dance with some Observations on Modern Methods [article]
    Round Dances [article]
    Technical Terms [article]
    Precedence of Couples in Round and Long Dances [article]
    Definitions and Explanations of Terms Used [article]
    Cor ocht mbeirt
    Sixteen-hand reel
    Cor dhareag
    Twelve-hand reel
    Cor ochtair (Leath-shlabhraid)
    Eight-hand reel (Half-chain)
    Cor ochtair (Atharraigh ionaid)
    Eight-hand reel (Slip sides)
    Cor ochtair (Leath-fainne)
    Eight-hand reel (Half-round)
    Cor ochtair (Cor casta)
    Eight-hand reel (Cross)
    Cor ochtair (Caidhp an Chuil Aird)
    Eight-hand reel (High Caul Cap)
    Port ochtair (Droichead Gleanna Beithe)
    Eight-hand Jig (Glenbeigh Bridge)
    Port ochtair (Da Cheathramhan)
    Eight-hand Jig (Quarter-chain)
    Port ochtair (Slabhradh)
    Eight-hand Jig (Full-chain)
    Port Ochtair (An Da Chrois)
    Eight-hand jig (Hands across)
    Port ochtair (La Fheile Padraigh)
    Eight-hand jig (St. Patrick's Day)
    Cor Seisir (Cor na Sidheog)
    Six-hand reel (Fairy Reel)
    Cor Seisir (Cor an Diuic)
    Six-hand reel (Duke Reel)
    Cor Cheathrair (Cor Cuinneach)
    Four-hand reel (Square Reel)
    Cor Cheathrair (Fionn-ala)
    Four-hand reel (Fionn-ala)
    Cor Cheathrair (Leath-chasadh)
    Four-hand reel (Half-turn)
    Cor Cheathrair (Cor an Bhothair Mhoir)
    Four-hand reel (High road reel)
    Cor Cheathrair (Cor Chaislean an Droichidh)
    Four-hand reel (Castlebridge reel)
    Port Cheathrair (Pleireaca na Banndan)
    Four-hand jig (Humours of Bandon)
    Port Cheathrair (Port na Lub)
    Four-hand jig (Hook jig)
    Rinnce Fada (Rinnce Chiarraighe)
    Long Dance (Kerry Dance)
    Rinnce Fada (An Rinnce Roinnte)
    Long Dance (Divided Dance)
    Rinnce Fada (An Rinnce Luaimneach)
    Long Dance (Hop time)
    Rinnce Fada (Fallaidhe Luimnighe)
    Long Dance (Limerick Walls)
    Rinnce Mor (Fainne Dhuin na nGall)
    Country Dance (Donegal Dance)
    Step dances [article]
    Figure dances [article]
    Pantomimic dances [article]
    Other Round and Long Dances [article]
    Irish Dance Music [article]
    List of Collections [article]
    • Male dancer [drawing]
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    • 128 p. ; 17 cm. (pbk.)
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