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    • Old Irish folk music and songs : a collection of 842 Irish airs and songs hitherto unpublished / edited with annotations for The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland by P.W. Joyce

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    • 3486-BK
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    • Old Irish folk music and songs : a collection of 842 Irish airs and songs hitherto unpublished / edited, with annotations for The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland by P.W. Joyce, LL.D.., M.R.I.A., President of the Society
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Instrumental Music / Box (5)
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  • 1909
    • [1st]
    • Joyce, P.W.
  • Preface [article]
    Mo Chreach a's Mo Dhiachairt [song: music and words]
    My Sorrow and Trouble [song: music and words]
    Raisiona Bhl'-a-Hubhla, air
    Races of Ballyhooly, The, air
    Orangeman, The [song: music and words]
    Moran's Return, air
    So Now Come Away, air
    Pilib Ruadh, air
    Red Philip, air
    Cork and Sweet Munster [song: music and words]
    Bouchail Breoighte, An, air
    Sick Boy, The, air
    Paddy's Green Island, air
    Angler, The [song: music and words]
    Tom Is Gone to the Fair, hornpipe
    Sweet Colleen Rue [song: music and words]
    River Roe, The, air
    My Sorrow Is Greater Than I Can Tell, air
    North of Amerikay, The [song: music and words]
    Gadaighe Grana, An [song: music and words]
    Ugly Thief, The [song: music and words]
    Lightly Tripping, set dance
    Gamhuin Geal Ban, An, air
    Fair-Haired White-Skinned Calf, The, air
    Chalk Sunday, jig
    Seanduine Crom, An, air
    Stooped Old Man, The, air
    Johnny from Gandsey, reel
    Piper's Wife, The, air
    Wedding Ring, The, air
    Lover's Story, The, air
    Cherish the Ladies, jig
    Slan Leat go Brath, air
    Farewell for Evermore, air
    Silvermines, The, reel
    Down with the Tithes (The Widow Well Married), air
    Widow Well Married, The, air
    Ball at the Hop, The, jig
    Machairidhe 's Noininidhe, air
    Fields and Daisies, air
    Knockfierna, air
    Kerry Jig, The
    Ye Natives of This Nation [song: music and words]
    My Darling Is on His Way Home, air
    Crows Are Coming Home, The, air
    Lament for Donoch an Bhaile-Aodha (Donogh of Ballea), air
    Billy from Bruff, jig
    Tabhair Dham Do Lamh, O, air
    Give Me Your Hand, air
    Ardlamon, hornpipe
    Dwyer's Hornpipe
    If Any of Those Children of Hunger Shall Cry [song: music and words]
    Miss Redmond's Hornpipe
    Long Time I Courted You, Miss [song: music and words]
    Saddle the Pony, air
    Pearl of th' Irish Nation, The [song: music and words]
    Mo Bhron a's Mo Dhith, air
    My Sorrow and My Loss, air
    Ding, Dong, Bell [song: music and words]
    'Twas in the End of King James's Street [song: music and words]
    Ballinamona Oro [song: music and words]
    Nights Past and Gone, The, air
    Captain John's Hornpipe
    Gaily We Went and Gaily We Came, air
    One Evening Fair [song: music and words]
    Untitled, air
    Pretty Girls of Abbeyfeale, The, air
    Young Jenny the Pride of Our Town, jig
    Mairghread na Roiste [song: music and words]
    Margaret Roche, air
    Foggy Dew, The [song: music and words]
    Slieve Elva, air
    I Bridled My Nag [song: music and words]
    New-Mown Meadows, The, reel
    Spring Lambs, The, air
    Prime's Hornpipe
    Flurry Reel, The
    Old Jerry Doyle, jig
    Down through the Broom, reel
    Chorus Jig, The
    Roger the Weaver, jig
    Kitty, Will You Marry Me? [song: music and words]
    Greyhound, The, hornpipe
    Cois Taoibh a Chuinn, air
    Beside the Harbour, air
    My Fiddle, hornpipe
    Cock Your Pistol, Charlie, single jig
    Road to Kilmallock, The, air
    Walking by Moonlight, air
    I Rambled Once, jig
    Glenloe, reel
    Banks of Glenoe, The [song: music and words]
    Connolly's Ale [song: music and words]
    Along the Ocean Shore, air
    Buachaillin Donn, An, air
    Brown-Haired Boy, The, air
    Hurry the Jug, set dance
    Frost Is All Over, The, hornpipe
    Fifer's Reel, The
    Untitled, reel
    Rose of Cloonoe, The, air
    Even and Odd, Like Tom With His Hod, air
    I'm a Man in Myself Like Oliver's Bull, air
    Acushla Gal Machree [song: music and words]
    Thou Fair Pulse of My Heart [song: music and words]
    All round My Hat [song: music and words]
    Dainty Davy Was a Lad [song: music and words]
    Glounthaun Araglin Eeving [song: music and words]
    Beautiful Little Vale of Araglin, The [song: music and words]
    Rory the Blacksmith from Ireland, air
    Queen's County Lasses, The, reel
    Ceannuighe Sugach, An [song: music and words]
    Jolly Pedlar, The [song: music and words]
    Loch na Garr, air
    Girl of Knocklong, The, air
    Green Wood, The, air
    Trip It Along, jig
    Mary Lee, jig
    Poor Jack Nuna, air
    Bouchail Caol Dubh, An, air
    Black Slender Boy, The, air
    Blacksmith's Hornpipe, The
    Rose That the Wind Blew Down, The, air
    Cailin Deas Ruadh, An [song: music and words]
    Pretty Red Girl, The [song: music and words]
    From thee, Eliza, I Must Go, air
    Ga Greine, air
    Sunbeam, The, air
    Enchanted White Duck, The [song: music and words]
    Richard's Hornpipe
    Moirin Ni Chealla [song: music and words]
    Moreen O'Kelly [song: music and words]
    Pilgrimage to Skellig, The [song: music and words]
    Farewell to Peggy, air
    Sho-Ho, Lullaby, air
    When the Snow and the Frost Are All Over, air
    Foxy Mary, air
    Unto the East Indies We Were Bound [song: music and words]
    There's a Chicken in the Pot [song: music and words]
    Then You Shall Be a True Lover of Mine [song: music and words]
    I See the Moon [song: music and words]
    Shan Van Vocht, The, air
    Fraoch a's Aitenn, reel
    Heath and Furze, reel
    I'll Go Home in the Morning and Carry a Wife from Ross, air
    Just in the Height of Her Bloom [song: music and words]
    Air Mo Ghabhail Dhom air an mBothar Shligigh, air
    As I Walked on the Road to Sligo, air
    Lady in the Boat, The, air
    Shamrock Reel, The
    Untitled, reel
    Clar Bog Del, An, air
    Soft Deal Board, The, air
    Banks of the Roses, The [song: music and words]
    Fairy Dance, The, reel
    Joys of Wedlock, The, air
    Piper in the Meadows Straying, The, hornpipe
    Spla-Foot Nance [song: music and words]
    Matchmaker, The, air
    Moll Halfpenny, air
    Maid of My Choice Is Sweet Kitty Magee, The, air
    Strike Up, Ye Lusty Gallants [song: music and words]
    How Are You Now, My Maid?, air
    Scolding Wife, The [song: music and words]
    When My Love Is Near Me, air
    King Charles's Jig, set dance
    My Love Is Coming Home, air
    Green Sleeves, air
    Old Philip Armour, air
    Field White with Daisies, The, air
    Airgead Caillighe, air
    Old Woman's Money, The, air
    Bay and the Grey, The, jig
    A Mhaire 'sa Mhuirnin, air
    Mary, My Darling, O, air
    My Love Is All the World to Me, air
    Do Dhearcas an Speir-Bhean na hAonar na Suidhe, air
    I Saw the Bright Lady a-Sitting Alone, air
    My Eveleen Gave Me a Secret to Keep, air
    Where Are You Going, My Pretty Fair Maid?, O [song: music and words]
    Am I the Docter You Wished For to See? [song: music and words]
    Cnuicin Ruadh, An, air
    Red Little Hill, The, air
    Ta Me Sasta le M'Staid, air
    I'm Content With My Lot, air
    Untitled, reel
    Rockmills Hornpipe
    Through the Wild Woods Alone, air
    Raven's Nest, The, air
    Mo Chailin Donn Deas as Misi Siubhal le Cheile, air
    My Pretty Brown-Haired Girl and Myself a-Walking Together, air
    Chiefs of Old Times, The, air
    Caoin, Keen, Lament, air
    Jem the Miller, air
    Stail Graoi, An, air
    Strong Steed, The, air
    My Darling Boy Is Far Away, air
    While the Stars Were Bright, air
    Come, All Ye Fair Maidens [song: music and words]
    Cutting of the Turf, The, air
    Dance by the Old Sally Tree, The, air
    When I Came to My True Love's Window, air
    Fair Girl Making Hay, The, jig
    Gold-Haired Maid, The, air
    Air Mo Ghabhail Dhom taoibh Bhaile-Atha-Cliath, air
    As I Was Walking beside Dublin, air
    Mo Stoirin O Mhuscraidhe, air
    Mo Storeen from Muskerry, air
    Here's a Health to Our Leader, air
    Snug Little Girl from Bansha, The, air
    Thrush and the Blackbird Are Singing, The, air
    Old Rambler, The, air
    Areir a Teirighig Sceul Dhom Trem Neulta, air
    Last Night a Story Came to Me in My Dreams, air
    Farewll to Kinsale, air
    Hammer and Tongs, air
    Sailing in the Lowlands Low, air
    March of the Months, The, air
    High-Flier, The, air
    He Has Come Back to Erin, air
    A Sheadhain, a Bhrathair Ghaoil, air
    John, My Cousin, O, air
    Cuilfhionn Mhuinte Sheimh, air
    Gentle Refined Fair-Haired Girl, The, air
    Mary from Blackwater Side, air
    Cottage in the Grove, The, reel
    A Bhean-a-Tighe, air
    Woman of the House, air
    Lark in the Blue Summer Sky, The, air
    Kerry for Me, air
    Una's New Gown, jig
    House of Clonelphin, The, jig
    Yew Tree, The, air
    Is Beag an Tarrthail Gheobhfus Mo Dhrathairin, air
    It's Little Protection My Brother Will Get, air
    Green Banks of the Maigue, The, air
    Areir as Me Ag Macnamh air Bheartaibh an tSaoghail, air
    Last Night As I Was Thinking of the Ways of the World, air
    Annie O'Brien, air
    To Myross Wood I Chanced to Stray, air
    Fire on the Mountains, air
    Kilkenny Races, air
    Untitled, jig
    Across the Bridge to Connaught, jig
    Untitled, reel
    Hibernia's Lovely Jane, air
    Magauire's March, The
    Irish Minuet, An, air
    Convict of Van Diemen's Land, The, air
    Newry Mountain [song: music and words]
    Drimin Dhu Dheelish [song: music and words]
    Ellen's Refusal, air
    Katty at Her Wheel, air
    Single and Free [song: music and words]
    Home across the Ford, air
    Flag of Green, air
    Tree of Liberty, The, air
    Colleen Dhas, The, air
    Pretty Girl, The, air
    We Are Bold Volunteers, air
    Shannon's Flowery Banks, air
    Fair of Dunmore, or the Juice of the Barley, The, air
    Juice of the Barley, The, air