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Serial Issue
ITMA Reference:
    • 19630-SR
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Archive Location:
    • Library. Serials / Folk Magazine
Publisher Location:
Publication Date:
  • 1967
    • Byrne, Sean, ed.
  • Munnelly, Tom: Collections and Collectors (Concluding Part), article
    Folk Clubs, The, article
    Full House for the Folk Kings [Dubliners], article
    O'Grady, Gerard: Folk Wise, article
    What No Beards [The Coterie Folk]?, article
    Future Is Safe [The Crehan Family], The, article
    Highwayman's Lass, The [song: music and words]
    Sullivan's John [song: music and words]
    Donnelly's Dog [song: music and words]
    Old Maid in the Garret [song: words only]
    Boston Burglar [song: words only]
    Irish Soldier Laddie [song: words only]
    Step It Out Mary [song: words only]
    Muirsheen Durkin [song: words only]
    Travelling People [song: words only]
    Boar's Head Carol, The [song: music and words]
    Holly Bears a Berry, The [song: music and words]
    Shannon, Tony: The Folk Carol, article
    Old Timey Hits Ireland, article
    Gormley, Mattie: Mattie Gormley Reports from Galway, article
    Folk Fans Forum, article
    Balad Brew [The Ivy Folk], article
    Healy, Shay: Johnny McEvoy, article
    They Are Sticking Together [Emmet Spiceland], article
    Irvine, Andy: Woodie Guthrie, article
    Meet the Press Gang, article
    O'Grady, Gerard: Shore of Amerikay [review], article
    O'Grady, Gerard: `The Hills of Connamara' Dolly McMahon [review], article
    O'Grady, Gerard: Tom Paxton, Elektra EPK 802 [review], article
    O'Grady, Gerard: `Whiskey on a Sunday' Danny Doyle [review], article
    O'Grady, Gerard: Victoria/Save the Old Home, The Grehans IRA SP 14 [review], article
    O'Grady, Gerard: Jackie O'Brien and the Pikemen, Outlet [review], article
    Quirke, Maurice: Scene Around, article
    Step It Out Geraldine Doyle, article
    James Keane, article
    Jesse Owens Writes from New York, article
    • Tom Munnelly [photograph]
    • Barney McKenna [photograph]
    • Luke Kelly [photograph]
    • The Dubliners [photograph]
    • The Coterie Folk: Catherine Donnelly, Jacqueline McDarby, Kathleen Maguire and Margaret Maguire [photograph]
    • The Crehan Family [photograph]
    • Unidentified instrumental group [photograph]
    • The Ivy Folk [photograph]
    • Emmet Spiceland [photograph]
    • Andy Irvine [photograph]
    • Woody Guthrie [photograph]
    • Treacy, Joe Cryan and Sean McCarthy [photograph]
    • The Press Gang: Tom Crean, Niall Fennell, Greg O'Hanlon and Derrig Monks [photograph]
    • Maurice Quirke [photograph]
    • Geraldine Doyle [photograph]
    • James Keane [photograph]
    • Jesse Owens [photograph]
Physical Description:
    • Serial
    • Folk Enterprises Ltd 1967
Vol Issue:
    • Vol. 1, no. 4
Serial Date text:
    • 1967
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