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    • Songs of Aran : Gaelic singing from the West of Ireland [sound recording] / [various performers] ; recorded by Sidney Robertson Cowell

Sound Recording
ITMA Reference:
    • 2621-LP
Material Type:
Archive Location:
    • LP Room. BOX (86) / Folkways Records [Disc] -- LP Room. COVER BOX (14) / Folkways Records [Cover and insert]
Publisher Location:
Publication Date:
  • 1957
Catalogue Number:
    • FM4002
    • Dirrane, Margaret, singing in English, singing in Irish
    • Dirrane, Seán, lilting, singing in Irish
    • Joyce, Miles, singing in Irish
    • Mullin, Bridget, keening
    • Faherty, Kate, singing in Irish
    • Flaherty, Peg, singing in Irish
    • Cowell, Sidney Robertson
Track A:
  • Song: Beidh ríl againn = We will have a reel; Jigs: The tenpenny bit, Smash the windows
    Song: Máire Stanton =Mary Stanton
    Song: Captain George O'Malley = Caiptín Ó Máille
    Song: Amhrán na Trágha Báine = Song of Trabane
    Song: 'Twas early, early in the Spring
    Song: Óró mhíle grádd = Óró, my thousand treasures
    Song: An cailín fearamhail fionn = The fair brave girl
    Song: Sagart na Cúile Báine = The priest of Coolbawn
    Song: A Sheáin a mhic mo chomharsan = O John, son of my neighbour
Track B:
  • Song: An droighneán donn = The blackthorn
    Song: Má théann tú'un a aonaigh = If you go to the fair
    Song: Peigí Mistéal = Peggy Mitchell
    Song: Bean a' leanna = The ale woman
    Song: Amhrán an téi = Song of the tea
    Song: An túirnín lin = The flax spinning wheel
    Vocables: Crooning
    Vocables: Do-een do a-diddle am
    Songs: Thobha mo leanbh = Hush-o, my child, Seo-thín seo, 's tú mo leanbh = Hush-a-bye, you're my little one
    Caoineadh: Caoineadh na marbh
    • Unidentified fishermen [photograph] [front cover]
    • Building a curragh at Inishmore [photograph]
    • Margaret Dirrane [photograph]
    • Bridget Mullin [photograph]
    • View from guest house, Kilarney, Inishmore [photograph]
Physical Description:
    • 1 sound disc : stereo, 33 1/3 rpm, stereo ; 12 in. + 1 booklet
    • Notes on the Aran Islands by Sidney Robertson Cowell
    • Notes on performers
    • Notes on material
    • Folkways Records, 1957
Commercial Y/N:
  • Commercial Sound Recordings
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