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    • Lúnasa performing at the 13th Willie Kennedy Piping Festival, Armagh 2006 / [photograph] / Paul Eliasberg

ITMA Reference:
    • 11731-PH
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    • Eliasberg, Paul, photographer
      Crawford, Kevin, Birmingham/Clare, flute, standing playing flute
      Valelly, Cillian, Armagh, uilleann, setaed playing pipes
      Smyth, Séan, fiddle, standing playing fiddle
      Meehan, Paul, guitar, seated playing guitar
      Hutchinson, Trevor, bass, standing playing bass
Creation Date:
    • 18 November 2006
Creation Location:
    • Market Place Theatre, Armagh
Physical Description:
    • 1 digital image
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Publication Date:
  • n.d.

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