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    • T. Westrop's 120 country dances, jigs, reels, hornpipes, strathspeys, spanish waltz, etc. for the pianoforte

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    • 37757-BK
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Instrumental music / A3 Binder (3)
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  • n.d.
    • Westrop, T.
  • Sir Roger de Coverley, slip jig
    Drops of brandy, slip jig
    Barney Brallaghan, slip jig
    The grinders, slip jig
    Irish Merry-Making, slip jig
    Triumph, The, dance
    White Cockade, dance
    Haste to the Wedding, jig
    Off She Goes, jig
    Jack's Alive, jig
    Zip Coon, or Paddy Don't Care, dance
    Ratcatcher's Daughter, The, dance
    Plough Boy, The, dance
    Perfect Cure, The, single jig
    Whole Hog or None, The, single jig
    Recovery, The, dance
    Tink a Tink, dance
    Yellow Rose of Texas, The, dance
    Exhibition of 1862, The, single jig
    Cheer Up, Sam, dance
    So Early in the Morning, dance
    Wait for the Waggon, dance
    Kiss Me Quick and Go, dance
    Quaker's Wife, The, dance
    What Can the Matter Be?, dance
    Irish Wedding, The, single jig
    While I My Banjo Play, dance
    Ring, Ring the Banjo, dance
    Pull Away Cheerily, dance
    If the Heart of a Man, dance
    Dixey's Land, dance
    Honeymoon, The, dance
    Tank, The, dance
    Polly Put the Kettle On, dance
    Kiss, But Never Tell, Oh, dance
    Minstrel Boy, The, air
    Robert le Diable, dance
    Rose Tree, The, dance
    We Won't Go Home Till Morning, dance
    Michael Wiggins, dance
    Dark Girl Dressed in Blue, The, dance
    Girl I Left Behind Me, The, dance
    Hoop de Dooden Do, dance
    Pop Goes the Weasel, dance
    British Grenadiers, The, dance
    Camptown Races, dance
    Tight Little Island, The, dance
    Tippitywichet, dance
    Fairy Dance, The, dance
    There's Nae Luck About the House, dance
    Captain with His Whiskers, The, dance
    Lovers' Quarrels, dance
    Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms, dance
    Old King Cole, dance
    On a May Day Morning Early, dance
    Voulez Vous Danser?, dance
    Yankey Doodle, dance
    Old Aunt Sally, dance
    Lulu is Our Darling Pride, dance
    Parson in the Peas, The, dance
    Lass of Richmond Hill, The, dance
    We're a Noddin', dance
    May-Pole, The, dance
    MacGregor's March
    Bobbin' Around, dance
    Duncan Gray, dance
    Young May Moon, The, dance
    May Day, dance
    Nancy Dawson, dance
    Fly Not Yet, dance
    Country Fair, The, dance
    Legacy, The, dance
    My Love She's But a Lassie Yet, dance
    Campbells are Comin', The, dance
    My Lord Tomnoddy, dance
    Lass o' Gowrie, dance
    Blue Bells of Scotland, dance
    Auld Lang Syne, dance
    Ap Shenkin, dance
    Far, Far Upon the Sea, dance
    Norah Creina, single jig
    Irish Washerwoman, The, jig
    Paddy O'Rafferty, jig
    How Happy the Soldier Who Lives on His Pay, jig
    St Patrick's Day, jig
    Rory O More, jig
    Sprig of Shillela, The, jig
    This Life Is All Chequered, jig
    Garry Owen, jig
    Paddy Whack, jig
    Money in Both Pockets, jig
    Paddy O'Carroll, jig
    College Hornpipe
    Fisher's Hornpipe
    Bridge of Lodi, The, hornpipe
    Harvest Home, hornpipe
    Soldier's Joy, The, hornpipe
    De'il among the Tailors, The, reel
    Speed the Plough, reel
    Clyde Side Lasses, reel
    Tullochgorum, reel
    Johnny's Made a Wedding o'it, reel
    Fecht' Aboot the Fireside, reel
    Reel o' Thulichan or Tulloch, reel
    Green Grow the Rushes, O, reel
    Captain Keeler, reel
    Sir David Hunter Blair, reel
    I'll Gang No More To Yon Town, reel
    Marquis of Huntley's Highland Fling, The, strathspey
    Lady Baird, strathspey
    Roy's Wife, strathspey
    Silver Lake, The, waltz
    Spanish Fandango, The, waltz
    Guaracha Waltz, The
    Tyrolese Waltz
    Cracovienne, The, dance
    Christmas Comes But Once a Year, dance
    Cachoucha, The, dance
    Le Minuet de la Cour, dance
    Gavotte de Vestris, dance
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    • 42 p. : music in staff notation ; 32 cm. (pbk.)
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