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    • Literature and Folk Culture Ireland and Newfoundland / edited by Alison Feder and Bernice Schrank

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    • 14552-BK
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    • Library. Canada / Feder
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Publication Date:
  • 1978
    • 0889010005
    • Memorial University of Newfoundland 1977
    • Feder, Alison, ed.
    • Schrank, Bernice, ed.
      Aspects of Irishness / Richard Walsh
      Patterns of language and ritual in Sean O'Casey's language / Ronald Ayling
      The making of folk plays / Michael J. Molloy
      Peig Sayers and the vernacular of the storyteller / Bryan MacMahon
      Calendar customs and festival practices in Ireland / Kevin Danaher
      The influence of Ireland on the Newfoundland ballad / Willilam Kirwin
      Ireland, Sheila, and Newfoundland / Herbert Halpert
Physical Description:
    • 182 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. (pbk.)
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