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    • Eachtra Ghiolla an Amarain and other poems / by Red Donough MacNamara ; edited by Tomás Ó Flannghaile. With life of Donnchadh Ruadh MacConmara / by John Fleming

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    • 9593-BK
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Literature / Box (2)
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Publication Date:
  • n.d.
    • MacNamara, Red Donough [Donnachadh Ruadh MacConmara]
    • Ó Flannghaile, Tomás
    • Fleming, John
      Introduction [article]
      Pleimion, Seaghan: Beatha Dhonnchadha Ruaidh [article]
      Eachtra Ghiolla an Amarain [poem] =
      Adventures of a Luckless Fellow [poem]
      MacNamara, Red Donough: Adventures of a Luckless Fellow [poem]
      Banchnoic Eireann Oigh [poem] (air: Uileacan Dubh O!) =
      Fair Hills of Holy Ireland, The [poem] (air: Uileacan Dubh O!)
      Eachtra Sheamuis Grae [poem]
      Atair Seaghan O Cathasaigh, An t-A [poem]
      Litir Chum Sagairt [poem]
      Donnchadh Ruadh i dTalamh-an-Eisc [poem]
      Aodh O Ceallaigh [poem]
      Athchuinge Dhonnchadha Ruaidh [poem]
      Geuran Dhonnchadha Ruaidh [poem]
      Thaddaei Gadelici in Memoriam [poem]
Physical Description:
    • xvi, 110 p. (incomplete) ; 16 cm. (bound)
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