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    • RTÉ field recordings of Mo Cheol Thú, July 1972 [sound recording] / Aidan O'Hara ; Joyce O'Hara ; Pat Kenny

Sound Recording
ITMA Reference:
    • 10595-RTE-WAV
Material Type:
Archive Location:
    • Audio\non-commercial sound recordings\RTE-ITMA project\10500-10599\10595-RTE-WAV\
Creation Location:
    • [S.l.]
Creation Date:
    • 7 July 1972
    • O'Hara, Joyce, singing in English
    • O'Hara, Aidan, singing in English, singing in Irish, guitar
    • Kenny, Pat, singing in English, guitar
    • Mac Mathúna, Ciarán
Track A:
      Song: Men of the Fields (start time 0'00"; duration '")
      Song: Drimín Donn Dílis(start time '"; duration '")
      Song: One Morning in May (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: The Spinning Wheel (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: Fuigfidh Mise an Baile Seo (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: Reynardine (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: Gypsy Daisy [Gyspy Davy?] (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: Molly Ban (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: Slán le Maigh (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: The Castle of Dromore (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: The False Knight on the Road (start time '"; duration '")
      Song: Spailpín a Rúin (start time '"; duration '") ENDS AT 33'01"
Physical Description:
    • 12 computer files (WAVE files) : digital, stereo
    • Spoken information on tape
    • Field notes on tape box
    • RTÉ
Commercial Y/N:
  • Non-commercial Sound Recordings
Geographical Location:

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