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    • Crosbhealach an Cheoil : The Crossroads Conference 2003 : education and traditional music : papers and documents of the evens / edited by Fintan Vallely, Liz Doherty, Thérese Smith, Paul McGetterick, Eithne Vallely, Desi Wilkinson & Colette Moloney

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    • 37127-BK
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    • Library. Ireland: Music Studies General / Vallely
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  • [2013]
    • 9780951156957
    • All articles of writers
    • Cover illustration JB Vallely
    • Vallely, Fintan
    • Doherty, Lix
    • Smith, Therese
    • McGetterick, Paul
    • Vallely, Eithne
    • Wilkinson, Desi
    • Moloney, Colette
      Preface [article] / Fintan Vallely
      Introduction [article] / Fintan Vallely, Liz Doherty, Thérese Smith, Paul McGetterick, Eithne Vallely, Desi Wilkinson and Colette Moloney
      About the conference [article]
      Organisation [article]
      The speakers and their papers
      Biographies =
      Alistair Anderson [article]
      Margaret Bennett [article]
      Philip V. Bohlman [article]
      Barry Burgess [article]
      Frank Claudy [article]
      Seán Corcoran [article]
      Mick Coyne [article]
      Matt Cranitch [article]
      Pierre Crépillon [article]
      Johanne Devlin Trew [article]
      Aileen Dillane [article]
      Liz Doherty [article]
      Martin Dowling [article]
      Janet Harbison [article]
      Caoimhín Mac Aoidh [article]
      Séamus Mac Mathúna [article]
      Karen Marshalsay [article]
      Anthony McCann [article]
      Marie McCarthy [article]
      Paul McGetterick [article]
      Mel Mercier [article]
      Jo Miller [article]
      Colette Moloney [article]
      John Moulden [article]
      Tom Munnelly [article]
      Bob Newton [article]
      Siobhán Ní Chonaráin [article]
      Frode Nyvold [article]
      Jimmy O'Brien Moran [article]
      Conal Ó Gráda [article]
      Muiris Ó Rócháin [article]
      Stan Reeves [article]
      Tes Slominski [article]
      Therese Smith [article]
      Sally Somers Smith (Wells) [article]
      Gunnar Stubseid [article]
      Barry Taylor [article]
      Eithne Vallely [article]
      Fintan Vallely [article]
      Desi Wilkinson [article]
      Cinzia Yates-Curtis [article]
      Issues in oral teaching and learning [article]
      Defining folk music in an educational situation : a changing concept [article] / Frode Nyvold
      Fiddling education : problems and successes of the Folk in the Academy [article] / Gunnar Stubseid
      When do we get
      When learning went round in song [article] / Tom Munnelly
      From flag floor to concert platform : passing on the tradition [article] / Barry Taylor
      The blood red tear and the hidden note [article] / Caoimhín Mac Aoidh
      Learning and teaching outside the tradition [article] / Matt Cranitch
      The challenge of meaningful group teaching at Irish festivals and summer schools : lessons from adult learning theory and the psychosocial literature [article] / Frank Claudy
      Organisational teaching of traditional music [article]
      The Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann experience [article] / Séamus Mac Mathúna and Siobhán Ní Chonaráin
      The development of Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy [article] / Muiris Ó Rócháin (1944-2011)
      Teaching the uilleann pipes : the efficacy of specialist teaching in the climate of revival [article] / Mick Coyne
      Creating a livable present : organising Irish traditional music in Central Virginia [article] / Tes Slominski
      Traditional music teaching by Mike Boulton on the Isle of Man [article] / Cinzia Yates (Curtis)
      Rebuilding community with music [article] / Stan Reeves
      Teaching the teachers : teaching traditional music in the conservatoire [article] / Pierre Crépillon
      Teaching practice, publication and innovation in the thirty-seven years of Armagh Pipers' Club [article] / Eithne Vallely
      Third-level approaches to the teaching of traditional music [article]
      Understanding the heart and soul : more than just notes, the cultural context of traditional music and song [article] / Margaret Bennett
      Bringing traditional music to the university [article] / Alistair Anderson
      Issues in teaching traditional music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow [article] / Jo Miller
      to the Clancy Brothers? : teaching Irish traditional music in an Americal liberal-arts college [article] / Sally K. Somers Smith
      Ethnomusicology, discourse and Irish traditional music [article] / Aileen Dillane
      Print and technology in teaching strategies [article]
      Third-level education in Irish traditional music : challenges, opportunities, and the impact of technology [article] / Paul McGettrick
      Scoiltrad : using the internet to teach Irish traditional music [article] / Conal Ó Gráda
      A HOTBED of learning : handing on tradition by electronic dissemination [article] / Karen Marshalsay
      The traditional song education pack [article] / John Moulden
      Policy in traditional music education [article]
      The confluence of school music and traditional music making in Ireland : historical perspectives inform contemporary practices [article] / Marie McCarthy
      Back to the future : traditional music in a 21st century curriculum [article] / Barry Burgess
      Arts Council of Northern Ireland approaches to traditional music education [article] / Martin Dowling
      Traditional music and education policy in Newfoundland [article] / Johanne Devlin Trew
      Ancient, diverse and still evolving : the Irish harp [article] / Janet Harbison
      Concepts of traditional : introduction [article] / Therese Smith
      Top-down, inside-out, in-between ... global directions to the crossroads [article] / Philip V. Bohlman
      Canons, curricula and power in Irish music [article] / Seán Corcoran
      Beautifully held space : making music and talking about music [article] / Mel Mercier
      Questioning educational strategies : the challenges of radical pedagogy in discussions about Irish traditional culture [article] / Anthony McCann
      The music that dare not speak its name : teaching the musical traditions of the Celtic world [article] / Bob Newton
    • The Sligo musicians [painting] / JB Vallely
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    • 308 p. 26 cm. (pbk.)
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