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    • Crossing over : fiddle and dance studies from around the North Atlantic. 3 / edited by Ian Russell and Anna Kearney Guigné

Printed Material
ITMA Reference:
    • 35104-BK
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Archive Location:
    • Special Collections Room. International: Music Studies, Instrumental / Russell
Publisher Location:
Publication Date:
  • 2010
    • 0954568265
    • 1st
Vol Issue:
    • 7
    • 2010 The Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen and the contributors
    • Russell, Ian
    • Guigné, Anna Kearney
      Remembrance of Séamus Creagh (1946-2009) [article] / Matt Cranitch
      Crossing over [article] / Ian Russell and Anna Kearney Guigné
      The fiddle at sea : tradition and innovation among Shetland musicians in the whaling industry [article] / Frances Wilkins
      Emigrant Hardanger fiddlers from Valdres, Normay : their legacies at home and abroad [article] / Laura Ellestad
      Fiddle tunes from under the bed : extracting music from Carpenter's recordings [article] / Elaine Bradtke
      Crossing over through the recording studio : the Island to island : traditional music from Ireland and Newfoundland CD project [article] / Evelyn Osborne
      A history of cross-cultural exchanges in Finnish and Swedish diddling [article] / Juniper Hill
      The silent witness : the fiddle manuscripts of John 'Boss' Murphy (1875-1955) [article] / Colette Moloney
      Walls of Liscarroll [jig]
      Rakes of Dromina [jig]
      The fire on the mountain [jig]
      The mug of Brown ale [jig]
      The prince imperial galop [air]
      Coming through the field [reel]
      The blue bells of Scotland [reel]
      The Kerry star [reel]
      Harry Choates (1922-1951) as Cajun folk hero [article] / Holly Everett
      Random acts of violins : Oliver Schroer and two British Columbia fiddle communities [article] / Andy Hillhouse
      Two models in the world of Métis fiddling : John Arcand and Andy DeJarlis [article] / Sarah Quick
      Aboriginal fiddling in the North : the two traditions [article] / Anne Lederman
      Step dancing to hip hop? Reconsidering the interrelationship between music and dance in the Ottawa Valley step dancing community [article] / Sherry Johnson
      'Old style' Cape Breton fiddling : narrative, interstices, dancing [article] / Jessica Herdman
      Musical fingerprints of the North-East Scotland fiddle style [article] / Paul Anderson
      Inishowen uncovered : further strands of the Donegal fiddle tradition [article] / Liz Doherty
      The Inishowen waltz [waltz]
      The Galician fiddle style [article] / Alfonso Franco Vázquez
      'Putting the dirt back in' : an investigation of step dancing in Scotland [article] / Mats Melin
      The devil's instrument revisted : Prince Edward Island as a case study [article] / Ken Perlman
      Texas contest fiddling : moving the focus of contrast and change to inner variations [article] / Chris Goertzen
      The exported Cape Breton fiddler : a hermeneutic study of the meaning of Cape Breton fiddle music outside Cape Breton [article] / Grefory J. Dorchak
      Ethnomusichoreology? Ethnochoreomusic? [article] / Karin Eriksson and Mats Nilsson
      Fiddling with pasts : from tradition to heritage [article] / Owe Ronstrom
      Index of songs, tunes, and dances
      General index
    • Séamus Creagh [photograph]
    • Pat Mulhern [photograph]
    • Seamus Grant [photograph]
    • Dinny McLaughlin [photograph]
Physical Description:
    • [vi], 317 p. : ill., music in staff notation ; 25 cm. (pbk.)

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